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We believe windows can enrich our built environment, creating a positive impact for future generations. Elegant, efficient, durable. The value of our windows is timeless.

Glo European Windows is consumed with innovation. Our high performance windows and doors exceed energy efficiency performance standards.

F E A T U R E S | Glo European windows and doors provide beauty, high performance, multiple design options and configurations. Our windows and doors have excellent performance and quality. European hardware ensures smooth operation and impeccable style. Glo European windows and doors achieve better R values and offer sleek architectural lines that are ideal for contemporary and traditional projects. Glo windows and doors are elegant, efficient and durable.
O P T I O N S | Our sliding doors are an excellent choice for large openings. Our lift and slide doors can accommodate openings up to 40 feet in width. They have unique hardware assemblies that lift the panel off of the sill, allowing it to be operated with very minimal pressure and smooth movement. When they are closed the hardware assembly sets the panel on the airtight compression gaskets. Our lift and slide doors are offered in all of our product series including the aluminum series, the wood aluminum series and the passive window series. Our folding glass doors are designed to be folded and stacked to either side of the opening or divided to fold in separate directions. These doors can also be integrated with an entry door on either side of the folding glass wall. These doors are on one track with multiple operable and fixed panels.
D E S I G N | Glo European windows and doors are equipped with exceptional low iron glass, multiple air seals, double and triple pane argon filled glazing. Our frames offer a variety of exceptional features that eliminate issues common to traditional windows. All Wood frames are cross grain laminated for good thermal and structural integrity. Multiple wood species options come factory finished and are available in over 300 colors. Our modern aluminum windows are thermally broken and can achieve u-factors as low as U-.123. Tilt and turn hardware is standard allowing for excellent ventilation and easy cleaning.