Fixed Windows

Fixed windows (often called a picture window) is a standard window that is non-operational. As such, these windows do not have a handle, hinges, or any operable hardware. Fixed windows permit light to enter while remaining closed to the exterior environment (unlike an operable window, which can open and close). This window style is known for its ability to provide an uninterrupted outlook. It is a perfect solution in spaces where maximizing a view, light transmittance, or solar heat gain is desired but ventilation is not a requirement. Fixed windows are timeless and sophisticated while providing the sleek lines and clean edges often desired in modern designs. This makes them an excellent option for almost any architectural project from traditional design to contemporary styles.

Fixed window sizes available in up to 80 sq.ft.

Fixed Windows


Triple Pane Aluminum Windows

Triple pane glass in a thermally broken aluminum frame. The A5 triple pane aluminum windows deliver energy savings, durability, and value.

Double Pane Aluminum Windows

A high performance glazing unit with a narrow frame. The A5 double pane aluminum windows provide modern aesthetic and thermal performance.

Triple Pane Aluminum Windows

An all aluminum frame with continuous insulation provides excellent durability and quality. The A7 triple pane aluminum windows achieve a greater level of energy performance and aesthetically clean architectural lines.

Triple Pane Aluminum Windows

The epitome of the aluminum window experience. Our A8 triple pane aluminum windows have a fully insulated, thermally broken frame with triple pane glass. Our highest performance rated aluminum windows with superior comfort and quality, available in an array of configurations and sizes.

Triple Pane Passive House Windows

Designed to meet the most stringent performance requirement in the world – Passive House. The PW Passive House windows consist of triple pane glass encompassed in a thermally broken wood frame, protected with aluminum cladding.

Double Pane Wood Aluminum Windows

The W5 double pane wood aluminum windows are protected with durable aluminum cladding and surrounded by warm wood. Defining the balance of durability, value, and energy performance.

Triple Pane Wood Aluminum Windows

The W7 wood aluminum triple pane windows, with factory finished wood frames and powder coated aluminum exterior cladding, creates a classic European style window. The W7 delivers exceptional comfort and durability for the life of your building.