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Why Picture Windows Are Important

The inherent benefit and function of windows are apparent, from providing ventilation and comfort through airflow to allowing a visual connection to the outdoors. One of the more impactful, yet overlooked asset is the role picture windows play in creating a home filled with light. Strategically placing large openings in the façade of a building is one of the easiest ways to open a space to the surroundings beyond. Whether harsh weather or the necessity of working a 9-5 job indoors, the need for staying connected to nature while indoors remains just as important. However, poorly constructed windows have impeded designs to only facilitate modest window sizes in fear of uncomfortably low R-values for the building’s envelope.picture windows, fixed window, renovations, modern seattle home, modern windows, european windows, modern windows, modern seattle windows, glo european windows, glo windows, tilt and turn windows, modern remodel

Glo has flipped the script on what can be expected from a large picture (also referred to as a fixed) window. Now, an expansive picture window is attainable, functional, and comfortable due to insulated frames, superior glazing, and thermal performance. A fixed window is completely sealed, allowing for air-tightness and protecting the space from fluctuating exterior temperatures. Furthermore, the thermally-broken frame ensures that less heat is lost at the window frame – notoriously the weakest spot of a building envelope for heat retention. Considering this, it makes sense that our larger picture windows perform even better than our smaller sizes due to the glass-to-frame ratio. The superior glazing units are equipped with a Low-E coating designed to improve energy efficiency by reducing solar radiation. The double or triple panes of glass feature spacers filled with argon gas, yet another layer of protection that allows the glass to remain at room temperature even on the coldest or hottest of days. With these benefits, enlarging a window from modest size to a grander scale just makes sense.picture window, fixed window, ridge passive house, passive house, elk ridge passive house, montana passive house, missoula passive house, first passive house missoula, european windows, bathroom windows, passive house windows, passive house doors, Creating larger and more awe-inspiring windows will not only provide thermal comfort but visual comfort as well. Allowing sunlight and especially views into a room can brighten the space with natural light – well known to aid in boosting your mood. Situating window openings to capture sunlight and increase visual connection to the outdoors only serves to enhance a space or home. Glo’s ability to create floor-to-ceiling windows allows you to capture that favorite tree, river, or shimmering city-scape. Becoming more reliant on the sun’s rays flooding a space is easy when you have a high-performance window and a perfectly framed view, which can bring the added benefit of reducing energy use. When utilized well, a large picture window will help a space feel more comfortable, bright, and efficient.picture window, fixed window, black window, muntin, window muntin, window grids, grid, grille, window grille, european windows, glo widnows, simulated divided lites, sdl, window divided lite