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Why Do I Feel A Cold Breeze?

(courtesy of secretagentsnowman.com)
(courtesy of secretagentsnowman.com)

No your windows aren’t leaking.  Breezy windows or drafty windows are caused by convection. Now, I’m sure you’ve heard of convection before but you might not have heard of it when it comes to windows. Let’s review the definition of “convection” first. Convection is heat transfer by mass motion of a fluid such as air or water. The laws of thermodynamics tell us that heat moves from areas of higher temperature to areas of lower temperature, or more simply put, heat is drawn to cold.

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heat convection

The diagram above shows two different ways convection creates that uncomfortable drafty feeling. The first can occur by standing next to an old, single or double pane aluminum frame window. The cold window is actually drawing heat out of your body, making you feel the chill or draft due to the convective current. The second cause, which normally happens in conjunction with the first; is the warm air rises from your furnace or other heat source, then pulled toward the cold or drafty windows, the air cooling, and then falling down the plane of the window, creating a cold-air-waterfall effect. This generally means you are grabbing Aunt Esther’s Christmas sweater to put on. Tragic.

ugly christmas sweaters
(courtesy of thesweaterstore.com)

A great way to avoid having to wear the “family heirloom sweater” (choose from above) is to update with modern aluminum windows and doors.

Glo European Windows and doors with an R-value of R-5 or higher eliminate the convective currents, creating a warm comfortable environment all season long.  Allowing you to enjoy the winter months without having to don the family heirloom.