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Why Commercial Windows Matter

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Commercial windows play a pivotal role in the well-being of our businesses, workers, and clients, long term.  In a given year we can spend over 2,000 hours (give or take) in our work place. Most Americans are at their jobs more than they are at home. With so much time spent at work, our work environments should have as much of a priority for comfort and performance, when compared to our home’s. Our commercial windows outperform the conventional commercial window in several ways –Let us break down the benefits.

Performance + Comfort

Depending on your region, a double or triple pane Glo aluminum window can be utilized. The double or triple pane glazing boasts R-values from R-3.57 to R-5. The greater levels of R-values equate to a room temperature able to regulate itself without constant aid from a thermostat. This is most beneficial for thermostat sharing. Furthermore, the thermally-broken window frame has multiple-air seals creating an air-tight frame for another layer of protection from the elements. The glazing panes are filled with argon gas which increases the insolative value and overall performance. Windows boasting these benefits create an office or conference room that has temperate thermal levels creating a comfortable work environment.


It’s no secret that having the corner office or a window at your work station is the most coveted location at work. However, depending on the size of the window this can either be a great benefit and/or cause great discomfort. Traditionally, a larger window can mean a considerable amount of exposure to the fluctuating elements beyond. However, with the Glo triple aluminum or wood-aluminum windows, no matter the size of glazing, the window efficiency remains the same. That means the corner office just got that much more desirable.

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There’s no doubt that when the quality of our surroundings changes for the better we are able to focus more on the task at hand. This feels especially true for a work environment. When priorities are placed on comfort and performance of the building function it allows for happy and healthier workers year-round. So, let’s place significance on the elements we can control in our work places, and invest in the proper design of our second-homes, work.