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Tilt Turn Windows

Tilt Turn Windows

One of the most intuitive designs in windows today: the tilt turn window is elegant, unique, and user-friendly. The Glo tilt and turn window offers multi-use features and provides a plethora of benefits to the occupant of the home.

The tilt turn design is elegant, efficient, and durable. (I had to plug our tag line)

We’ve got options! Glo tilt turn windows come with a myriad of options that will leave your designer drooling and your friends green with envy.



The tilt function is primarily used for ventilation. Tilting inward from the top of the window, the tilt function allows fresh air into the domicile keeping the elements out.


The turn function opens the entire window inward. Often used for extreme cases of burnt salmon in the kitchen, the turn function makes cleaning the exterior of the window very convenient and simple.  The image below shows our modern aluminum window.tilt turn windows, tilt and turn windows, european windows, glo european windows, modern aluminum windows, modern window design, window design, seattle aluminum windows, seattle passive house windows, big sky homes, montana windows, black windows, black window frames


Handles, handles, and more handles! Stainless steel, painted, aluminum, modern, contemporary, traditional. The function is simple, turn 90 degrees and you are operating the turn function, turn 180 degrees and you are operating the tilt function.


Who knew they could be so exciting?! The function of these amazing pieces of hardware is to allow the window to tilt and turn. The exciting piece is they come in a variety of options. Painted (ie. Powder-coated), or concealed. The concealed hinges allow for sleek narrow lines on the exterior, providing a clean modern façade that will make you the envy of your neighborhood.

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Air seals

Glo European Windows come prepared with 2-4 air seals depending on the product line, keeping your window airtight. For high performance, this is a must-have. Most high-performance buildings have an HRV for fresh air ventilation and did I mention the tilt function?


The days have passed for single pane units. These dinosaurs have been put out to pasture, Glo tilt turn windows come with double pane, triple pane, or even quad pane. Yes, that’s 4, quatro in Espanol (don’t ask me to count to 20). The multi-pane units supplied by Glo are filled with argon to improve performance and tuned specifically for the altitude of the project they are being delivered to.

Benefits of these bad boys

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Tilt Turn

Multi-function capabilities that allow the occupant fresh air and keep the elements out, easy to clean, and simple to operate.


High-quality materials and construction provide the occupant with an elegant functional window.


High-quality materials and construction provide the occupant with ease of use and durability.

Air Seals

Triple air seals keep the window airtight creating comfort in your living space.


Argon insulated double, triple, and quad pane glazing units create comfort during all seasons. Allowing the occupant expansive views while staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Whether modern aluminum windows or timeless wood aluminum windows our clients enjoy the elegant function of the Glo tilt turn windows.