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Selecting Your Window Color

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Color brings inspiration and direction to a home’s design.  Whether you are planning a new build or replacing your current windows and doors, selecting a color can be daunting. As a window and door company, we have seen hundreds of home plans cross our desk. We have helped guide and direct many clients in selecting the right color palette that is both cohesive and stunning, meeting their design needs. Although we may not be able to help you personally select your colors, we have written down a few pointers that will help guide you on your design journey.

When thinking of your window color, you first need to ask yourself this question – Do I want a cohesive and classic look or do I want contrast and depth? This simple question will allow you to eliminate half of the color options provided by your window and door manufacturer. However simple this question may seem, this in fact can hold up a lot of decisions, so let’s break these two choices down.


The easiest way to create contrast in a home’s design is through window color. Contrast produces a sense of distance and depth. It is the most powerful design element which demands the highest amount of design attention. Visual interest and excitement go hand-in-hand with this design approach. Although, black and white is the most classic depiction of contrast, this can be seen with a different color combination and differing materials as well. Here is an example of an all wood exterior with black window frames. The wood siding is a light/medium finish, allowing the depth of the windows to add an architectural element to the aesthetic. The dark roof also helps draws the eye to the dark window frames below. Since the exterior is minimal, the added interest is intentional and pivotal in creating a truly stunning façade.

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Cohesive & Classic

A cohesive color design will harmonize the overall look of a home and bring the color palette together. Creating a visual bridge between different elements such as house body, window trim, and/or roof color is a classic and harmonious way of telling the overall color story of a home’s design. Each color-player has their part to play, none more important than the other. Here, cohesive tones and color depth can bring an otherwise static design to the next level. This can be achieved through complimentary colors or depths of color. Here is an example of a universal color tone with a playful mixture of warm tones. This is repeated in the wood shingles, vertical wood siding, warm deep grey window color, and dolphin grey entry door. The wooded setting and home’s aesthetic allow it to set into its surroundings rather than become a beacon of attention.

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These foundational design principles can serve as a guide when tackling the onslaught of design decisions. Once your core design vision is established, many aesthetic questions can be easily answered if they are held up against it. Don’t deter from the overall feel and look you are hoping to achieve. Keep a vision board and hone in on those minute details that illustrate your dream home. Don’t let common trends overshadow the heart of what you and your design team want to achieve. A clear vision will be your greatest asset.