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Season Of Giving: Two Blocks North

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“On March 30, 2016, Brian was struck while riding his bike home from the neighborhood park. The driver, who ran a red light, met Brian’s bike at full speed, knocking him off his bike and into the windshield of the car. Brian, an avid cyclist, hiker, and dedicated father, is now wheelchair bound. The family now embarks on adjusting their lives to embrace their new realities, which include selling the family two-story home and moving into a one-story home Two Blocks North. The new house is in need of modifications for full accessibility including a renovated master bathroom, kitchen, and hallways. The garage will be transformed into a therapy and workout gym for Brian. The exterior will be modified so Brian can easily access the house and play in the backyard with his daughter and family.”   —TwoBlocksNorth.Net

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Glo is excited to join the dedicated team of designers, contractors, realtors, landscape architects, structural engineers, and marketing folks who are committed to complete this project for Brian and his family. The team is filled with bike enthusiasts, bike commuters, ex-pro bike racers, and many others passionate about bike safety in the Portland area, great design, sustainable and durable construction, and helping amazing folks like Brian and his family.

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Our donation of a three-panel lift and slide door will provide a seamless integration of interior and exterior spaces, smooth and functional operability, high performance values, and a polished modern aesthetic. Please visit the following website to see you how can help out: http://twoblocksnorth.net/campaigns/duncan-family-fund/