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Oregon City Dwelling

This modern city dwelling is perched atop an elevated street with views of the beautiful Columbia River. Bordering Washington and Oregon, the convenient location takes full advantage of city life, while engulfed in the lush greenery of Oregon. This desired location is a commuters’ paradise. Just a short drive away from Portland filled with culture, commerce, food, and concerts.

The three-tiered home is clad in wood with a blue accented exterior, black trim, and cement balconies and planters, creating a contemporary aesthetic. The layered materials of the cladding are echoed in the feel of the geometric shapes that make up the home. The butterfly roof provides a clean modern line for the front façade while adding design appeal to the adjacent side profiles. The windows and doors help support the overall design appeal of the home inside and out. The green contemporary entry door adds another layer of interest to the curb appeal, creating a color block effect with the use of color and texture. The black windows anchor themselves within the design with a subtle ode to a Piet Mondrian painting. The corner window placement furthers this feel, allowing the windows to wrap the edges of the home.

Since energy efficiency was a goal the W7 Triple Pane Wood-Aluminum windows and doors were utilized throughout the residence. The interior wood frames bring a softness into the otherwise modern aesthetic while providing superior performance. The large fixed windows are paired with operable tilt turn windows for optimal cross-ventilation. Each level of the home is equipped with a pair of French doors onto a private balcony to take in the river views and rolling tree covered hills beyond. The triple glazing provides u-values as low as U-0.14 for year-round thermal comfort. The W7 Series boasts superior performance with multiple air seals, argon filled glass, low iron glass, and low-e coating with a pre-finished wood frame and exterior aluminum cladding for durability and longevity.