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Whitefish Residence

The Whitefish Residence, built by Mindful Designs, is located in beautiful Whitefish, Montana, and has a truly modern design in which minimalist elements are defined by the details. Energy efficiency was key for the homeowners who spared no expense on superior insulation, air sealing, a highly efficient HRV, and the A5 Series windows from Glo.

The centrally-located home features a striking combination of vertical seam metal and horizontal wood siding highlighted by black trim details and an asphalt shingle A-frame roof. Wood accents add warmth throughout the interior and exterior of the Whitefish Residence. The open plan of the living and dining room are paired with private bedrooms, a photography studio, and a music room. The clear delineation of private and open spaces imparts a feeling of expansion and contraction when moving from one room to the next. The angular home has been astutely design and incorporates both large expanses of glass and strategically placed smaller windows that punctuate static spaces.

The Glo European Windows A5 Series windows and doors were carefully selected for the Whitefish Residence to support the high performance and modern architectural design of the home. Triple pane glass, a larger continuous thermal break, multiple air seals, and high performance spacers all help to eliminate condensation and heat convection while providing durability to last the lifetime of the building. This higher level of efficiency will also help to keep continued utility costs low and maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the year.

Large fixed window units mulled together in the field provide sweeping views of the valley and mountains beyond. Full light exterior doors with transom windows above provide natural daylight to penetrate deep into the home. A large lift and slide door opens the living area to the exterior of the home and creates an atmosphere of spaciousness and ethereality. Modern aluminum frames with clean lines paired with stainless steel handles accent the subtle details of the architectural design. Tilt and turn windows throughout the space allow the option of natural ventilation while maintaining clear views of the picturesque landscape.