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Modern Virginia Home

A modern Virginia home within the dense greenery of Rockfish River. Adjacent to the lush landscapes of Shenandoah National Park, this home serves as an escape from the bustle of urban living. The well thought out placement of the home is situated 30 minutes from a charming historic college town, 100+miles southwest of Washington, D.C. and just over an hour from Richmond, Virginia. The intrigue of the location adds to the compound appeal of this breathtaking Virginia home.

This Virginia home is an engineering genius with a cantilevered deck and guest quarters. The playful relationship of the home to the surrounding landscape is reminiscent of the cantilever aspects of Falling Water, by Frank Lloyd Wright. The angular approach to the home’s façade offers a lightness with the breezeway-like veranda allowing the outdoor area to enrich the interior living spaces. The modern Virginia home takes full advantage of the beauty of the outdoors with multi-level decking available to every bedroom. The large Glo windows throughout the home provide plenty of opportunities for the interior to blur into the outdoor landscape beyond.

For optimal thermal performance, the A5f Window Series was used for triple pane glass, multiple air seals, argon filled glazing, and the thermally-broken aluminum frame. With u-values as low at U-0.2, the Glo windows ensure year-round comfort. Large Lift & Slide doors are placed throughout the home serving as large entrances to the multiple decks. The large openings of the home are coupled with the Glo triple pane Curtain Wall system for maximizing the access to the surrounding views. A7 triple-pane aluminum doors were utilized throughout the home with our electronic lock system for security, convenience and ease of use. The meticulous planning for the home is evident in the thoughtful floor plan, adventurous engineering and superior Glo window and door systems selected for the Virginia home. The residence is truly a feat of ingenuity.