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Seattle Private Urban Retreat

This private urban retreat in Seattle is located just minutes from Jack Block Park and a short walk from the many cafes and pubs located in the neighborhood. Nestled next to the Puget Sound, this community is home to a wide mix of architectural styles from the original traditionally styled dwellings to ultra-contemporary renovations. The modern design of the private urban retreat feels at home in the setting with its sloping shed roofline and vertical orientation emphasized by corrugated metal siding and vertical fluted glass windows. Concrete accents and metal sills provide a sleek exterior character that is complemented by a minimal interior on a small footprint. Site orientation was a particular interest of the homeowner for functional and aesthetic purposes – a south-facing deck and large solar array on the rooftop capture the sunlight in a city known for heavy clouds and rainy days.

The Glo European Windows A5 Series were selected for the private urban retreat for the windows’ clean profile and high performance values. Triple pane glass, multiple air seals, high performance spacers, and a continuous thermal break means these windows out-perform traditional aluminum windows by leaps and bounds. The clean modern aesthetic of the A5 Series is complemented by lasting durability, superior energy efficiency, and smooth operation through the use of robust European hardware. A unique fluted glass style is featured throughout the private urban retreat. This selection adds an additional level of concealment for the homeowner despite having expansive fixed windows, multiple tilt and turn windows, and several full-lite doors.