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Lake Pend Orielle

A finished modern custom-built home and guest house overlooking Lake Pend Oreille. Equipped with Glo high-performing A7 Series | Aluminum European Windows, providing comfort and sleek modern lines that don’t distract from the gorgeous views. This modern beauty contains super insulation and high performance windows and doors to maintain comfortable interior temperatures.

The Glo modern aluminum windows and lift and slide doors were chosen with specific goals in mind.  High performance values and airtight seals were required to keep the house cozy and comfortable during hot summers and cold winters. Large curtain walls of glass were used to provide sweeping views while keeping the home at cozy pleasant temperatures.  Full light exterior doors as well as lift and slide doors provide lots of daylight and numerous entry points across this custom home.

Creative application of trapezoid windows maintain a beautiful exterior facade and align wonderfully with the modern shed roof.  The Glo aluminum European windows modest frames and pipe-cut stainless steel handles add a subtle burst of flavor to the modern design.

A Glo modern door design was chosen as the final touch to this modern dwelling.  The obscure glass was chosen to add day light and privacy to the front entrance.  Performance was a factor in the selection of this piece; quad-pane glazing and a fully insulated door slab provides thermal performance and protection from harsh weather.  This modern door design completes the home and makes the stylish functional entrance the focal point for guests.