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Restaurant Patio Doors

Mackenzie River Pizza is opening the doors of a new restaurant in Rapid City, South Dakota. Known as the “Gateway to the Black Hills,” Rapid City serves as a major hub in the Northern Plains and the modern restaurant designed by CTA Architects and Engineers features a mix of their classic Montana atmosphere with contemporary architectural design elements. This new location features a striking mix of natural stone, metal and wood siding, wrought iron and bronze details, and bold red clerestory windows and restaurant patio doors.

Social and environmental responsibility are at the core of Mackenzie River Pizza’s values and the windows and doors provided by Glo help deliver on this commitment. The custom restaurant patio doors feature an airtight design that focuses on high performance, energy efficiency, and long term durability. The lift and slide hardware assembly ensures smooth movement with minimal pressure by lifting the door panel off the sill when in operation. The hardware then sets the panel on airtight compression gaskets when closed, providing a better air seal for the restaurant patio doors than traditional sliding doors.

The modern restaurant patio doors allow the interior of the space to be opened up completely to the exterior allowing for natural air flow and increased connection to the exterior for both workers and patrons. The creative and fresh approach to the architectural design reflects the values of the restaurant and provides a distinct dining experience and atmosphere that promotes sustainable operation and lesser footprints.