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Texas Ranch Style House

This modern Texas ranch style house is located between Austin, TX and Houston, TX in a small farming community famous for its wide-open spaces and world-renowned BBQ.  The modest home design complements the surrounding landscape and captures views from every window of the surrounding grassy meadows and picturesque ponds. The ranch style house presents a saltbox roofline and features a combination of metal and wood lap siding.  Cedar columns flank a modern entry door while beautiful garnet-red French doors create focal points below the rooflines of covered porches.  Vaulted ceilings throughout the open-plan home are punctuated by wood beams that extend throughout the space. The design elements of the interior and exterior of the modern Texas ranch home evoke a feeling of tradition with a modern twist.

Sitting at less than 2500 square feet, the homeowners of this modern ranch style house take full advantage of its small footprint by purposefully orienting the structure to capture daylight and release the humid heat of summertime. Glazing with a low solar heat gain coefficient adds an extra layer of temperature control by blocking solar radiation from entering the windows.  Ultimately, this helps to create a cooler and more comfortable interior climate for the residents.

A combination of the Glo A5 Double and A5 Triple Pane Series aluminum windows and doors were selected for the home for their cost-effective durability, high performance values, and minimal clean profiles.  Low iron glass, multiple air seals, high performance spacers, and a continuous thermal break are all featured in the sleek frame profiles, meaning these windows blow traditional aluminum windows out of the water.  Altogether, the A4 and A5 windows promise that the modern Texas ranch style house will remain beautiful and comfortable for years to come.