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Ranch Home On The Lake

A traditional ranch home located in McCall, Idaho on the shores of Payette Lake. The home is surrounded by the Payette National Forest supplying unending green vistas chock full of adventure for the outdoor-hobbyist. The convenient location to the outdoors lends itself to climbing, hiking, mountaineering, and mountain biking. Remote and beautiful with dramatic deep canyons and long ridges make it a ripe location for skiing. The small mining town turned resort town hosts skiers from all over the world making this ranch home desirable for its location and design.

The ranch home on the lake offers familiar exterior profiles with an open gable roof, stone apron and combination of horizontal and vertical siding. The three-story home houses a main living floor with communal spaces. The top floor is solely designated for bedrooms and the master suite. The walk-out basement boasts the media room, game room, bar, exercise room with a sauna and double doors leading out to a hot tub. The strategic distribution of the floors creates a home that is functional and charming. Each of the home’s levels sustains a heavy focus on the rear views, bringing the outside into each of the spaces.

Glo A7 triple pane aluminum windows and doors were utilized throughout the home to neutralize the seasonal weather, maintaining comfortable temperatures year-round. Curtain Wall windows were also used for their expansive glazing with impressive heights and minimal frames. The thermally-broken aluminum windows and doors boast multiple air seals, low iron glass, and argon filled glazing providing low u-values for optimal energy efficiency. The windows of the ranch home are also affixed with SDL – simulated divided lites to further support the traditional design of the home. The black frames of the windows and doors create depth and a modern touch to the classic style of this lake house.