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Contemporary Prairie Style Home

Located among the fairways of the Yellowstone Country Club, this home in Billings, Montana, is nestled between the lush foliage of the golf course and a prominent outcrop of rocks which defines the flat, grassy landscape. The modern brick home sits in harmony with the rugged landscape of Eastern Montana while still offering all of the modern amenities within walking distance that one would expect of a modern Country Club residence.

Architecturally, the home has a strong Prairie Style, evocative of traditional American Craftsman ideals. Distinct emphasis on horizontal orientation is evident in the low hipped roofs with broad eaves, horizontally banded windows, and horizontal siding elements. These design components accentuate and underline the surrounding landscape: horizontal lines on the home highlight the wide, flat, treeless expanses of land that define the prairies of the Midwest.  The Prairie Style home is wrapped with warm woods and black metal accents that, paired with unembellished details and near-nonexistent embellishments, help lead the attention to the simplicity of forms and function of space.

The open space plan on the main level of the Prairie Style home is deceiving of the actual separation of spaces. This home packs a punch with a private hot tub, craft room, library, and even a theater. The interior of the home features the same attention to place, as the natural world is evident in the use of granite, basalt, walnut, poplar, and natural river rock throughout. Floor to ceiling windows in strategic locations eliminates the sense of compression on the interior, while the overall window design promotes natural daylighting and cross-ventilation in nearly every space of the home.

Glo’s A5 Series in double pane was selected for the thermal performance values and clean, minimal frame profiles. High performance spacers, double pane glass, multiple air seals, and a larger continuous thermal break combine to reduce convection and eliminate condensation, ultimately providing energy efficiency and thermal performance unheard of in traditional aluminum windows. The A5 Series provides smooth operation and long-lasting durability without sacrificing style for this Prairie Style home.