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Prairie Style Architecture

This custom home is located in Billings, Montana, in a prime location near several city parks and with stunning views of the rimrocks from the rear of the property. Designed with many nods to prairie style architecture, the home includes two master suites, a gym, and plenty of open living space on both levels of the home. The simple design features a strong horizontal emphasis and priority in connection to nature, craftsmanship, and unembellished ornamentation.

The low-slung hipped roofline features extremely large eaves with a cedar plank finish that complements the cedar plank siding and steel accents flanking the home. This long, flat roof is characteristic of prairie style architecture, a style popularized in the early 19th century by the world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The design style focuses on strong geometry and massing, and is led by the principle that homes should primarily serve basic needs without the need of ornamental flashiness.

Further emphasizing the overall design of the home are the horizontally oriented lines of trim and wood banding, paired with rows of smaller windows that are arranged together to appear as expansive openings. An asymmetric floor plan creates open, flowing interior spaces dedicated to entertainment that center around the living and dining spaces. Simple and natural materials connect the interior and exterior spaces. Ultimately, the style of the home evokes and reflects the feeling of the surrounding landscape – a flat, sparsely foliated expanse of prairie.

Featuring Glo’s A5f series of windows with triple pane glazing, the home elicits a feeling of history while maintaining the higher performance standards of the modern building industry. Featuring concealed hinges and premium hardware, these fenestration products not only provide improved air sealing and top-of-the-line glazing units, but they add a subtle sophistication that perfectly complements the overall prairie style design of the home.