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Portland Contemporary Home

Tucked away in a tree-lined community that Portland is so loved for, this contemporary home re-build adds a pop of interest to the bungalow-filled neighborhood.  Its convenient proximity to downtown shops and restaurants that are minutes away is ideal for the city dweller. The home’s location becomes even more enticing with the urban sanctuary of Mt. Tabor Park, just a bike ride away. The park is filled with off-road cycling, walking trails, recreational courts, and exploring. The dichotomy of city and nature-filled adventures make this re-build an ideal location.

The original small 2 bedroom dwelling was deconstructed piece by piece, with every element recycled/re-used. The larger, newly built home + studio uses much less energy than the original.  In fact, the home and office combined are net zero (the home’s blower door test came in at Passive House levels, though certification was not procured). The transformed home boasts a better functioning layout, increased square footage, and bold accent colors to boot.  The multiple level patios book-end the home’s front and rear facades. The added outdoor living with the nearly 13’ sliding doors allows ample natural light into the home. The transom windows create an increased openness with the floor to ceiling glazing. The larger tilt-turn windows throughout the home provide ventilation and open views for the 3-level contemporary home. In addition, the larger overhangs provide increased passive thermal protection from the scattered sunny days. The conglomeration of exterior materials is diverse and playful with dark stained wood, concrete, natural wood finish, and teal horizontal siding. A fearless selection of a bright orange window brings a bold accent to the street-side composition. These elements combined create a dynamic modern design to the inclusive Portland backdrop.

The A5 Aluminum Series was used throughout the home. The dual pane windows provide cost-effective durability in the temperate climate. The A5 Series boasts a larger continuous thermal break, high-performance spacers, multiple air seals, and low iron glass, which helped facilitate the Passive House standards. For a design where clean lines are key, the thinner profile frame furnishes the contemporary home with an effortless style.  The double-pane glazing coupled with European operability is the perfect combination in creating a contemporary home-design worth noting. The homeowners absolutely love the form and function of their tilt-turn windows!

Featured on Dwell Magazine Exclusive.