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Passive House in Colorado

A setting of lush rolling hills, beautiful waterscape and roaming wildlife provide a charming setting for this modern twist on a traditional French country home. Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, the outdoor paradise of the region is bestrewn with trails, camping, fishing, lakes, and streams. The quaint historic downtown is picturesque, and together with the outdoor amenities provides an ideal setting for year-round enjoyment. Adding in the short drive to Denver, the location provides serenity and desirability for those looking to enjoy both the draw of the natural environment and the amenities of the big city.

As part of a housing development surrounding Donath Lake, this Passive House in Colorado home is striking with its traditional farmhouse contours and estate-like French chateau appeal. The vertically oriented design features steeply pitched gable roofs and sweeping details giving it an asymmetrical aesthetic. The interior of the home is centered around the shared spaces, creating a grand family home. The two-story living room connects the kitchen, dining, outdoor patios, and upper floor living. Large scale windows match the stately proportions of the home with 8’ tall windows and 9’x9’ curtain wall windows, featuring tilt-turn windows within for approachable function. Black frames and grids appeal to the modern French country inspiration highlighting each opening of the building’s envelope.

Apart from being a beautiful housing development, the lake community will also achieve the coveted Passive House building standard. The internationally recognized performance rating is stringent, supporting energy-efficient and comfortable homes that reduce approximately 90 percent of heating and cooling energy use and up to a 75 percent reduction in primary energy use. In order to secure this coveted title, Emu Systems was utilized as PH consultant. Due to the rigorous performance specifications needed, Glo’s A7 triple-pane windows and doors are used throughout the home. Concealed window and door hinges further embrace the modern appeal with uninterrupted frames and superior air-seal. The thermally-broken aluminum frame, low iron glass, argon-filled glazing, and Low-E coating allow for exceptional performance and long-term durability. The robust energy-efficient frames allow for expansive views without sacrificing thermal comfort. Further, the large 15’ wide Lift and Slide door blends the lines of indoor/outdoor living, while supporting the demanding efficiency requirements. Great products are nothing without superior installation. We called on Mt. View Window and Door in order to guarantee an exceptional installation, securing the building envelope for the lifetime of this Passive House in Colorado.