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Washington Passive House Healthcare Facility

The Washington passive house healthcare facility is currently under construction in Spokane Valley, Washington.  The Sunshine Health facilities’ addition and existing remodel has been designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the Passive House standard; meaning the facility will require up to 90% less energy usage for heating and cooling from average existing buildings and provide high quality indoor air free of contaminants while maintaining comfortable and consistent indoor temperatures.

Becoming a certified Passive House healthcare facility is a specific and intensive project goal that requires extremely high performance values and airtight seals. Sunshine Health will be equipped with Glo European Windows A7 triple pane aluminum windows and doors, providing the necessary performance values, excellent thermal comfort, and modern aesthetic of the new architectural design. Low energy usage and controlled ventilation are achieved by pairing the A7 Series windows and doors with superior insulation and exceptional environmental construction techniques and material selections.

Cement lap siding along with Parklex and Equitone panels create a striking and modern façade next to the existing brick structure. Curtain walls have been selected to allow natural daylight to transfer deep into the passive house healthcare facility while keeping the exterior elements. Full lite entry doors and lift and slide exterior doors provide multiple access points into the building and provide increased daylighting which further reduces the energy load of the building.

Architectural Firm: Sam Rodell Architects AIA