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Asian Influenced Park City Home

This Park City home is located at the base of Lewis Peak surrounded by mountain ranges. The proximal location to multiple ski resorts offers world class skiing, golf, spas and outlet shops for a variety of recreational activities. Conveniently, just 40 minutes east of Salt Lake City, this home is in a prime location for mountain living. It’s said that the most important factor in selecting a home is location, location, location, making this Park City home desirable three times over.

Aside from location this home delivers on all fronts. The structure of the home is comprised of inspirational massing with a classic form, topped with a quadrilateral roof system which brings a subtly beautiful shape that is reminiscent of a traditional open gable roof. The refreshing interior layout has creative solutions to space planning seen throughout the floor plan. Hints of Asian influences are undeniable, seen in an atrium equipped with a Zen garden, wood slat dividing walls and simplistic form. The house structure is comprised mainly of board form concrete and accents of Shou Sugi Ban wood siding. The exterior form is softened by grass-crete pavers and natural mountain grass, embedding the structure into its natural surroundings.

The beauty of the home is met with intelligence via the PV solar array and energy-efficient fenestration products. Glo A7 triple pane windows and doors were utilized for their high-performance with u-values as low as u-0.14. The floor-to-ceiling thin framed curtain wall systems are triple pane in order to maintain fantastic views and elegant efficiency throughout the home.  The large air tight Air Lux Sliding doors were designed for expansive openings, reaching sizes up to 21 linear feet. Despite the grandeur of these doors, they further facilitate the overall efficiency of the home year-round. The Park City home prioritized long-term sustainability and timeless design as seen in each astute product choice.