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Off grid Sustainable Home

Built by Mast & Co Builders – This off grid home in rural south-western Montana is nestled comfortably in the mountains.  The reclaimed wood construction mimics the area landscape.  Natural grass and vegetation grows wild and reclaimed timber beams frame the stone patio.  Truly an off-grid getaway.

The Glo wood aluminum W5 window series was chosen with specific energy and aesthetic goals in mind.  The client desired high performing windows with an insulative value of R-5 and air tight seals to keep out Montana’s famous winters.  The W5 windows assist to keep the heating and cooling energy demands to a minimum. Furthermore, an Aluminum window was utilized for the shower stall for water resistance, while maintaining the aesthetic of the wood-aluminum windows.

Warm wood interior window frames complement the rustic motif, while the aluminum exterior cladding provides beauty and protection from the elements.  Full light french doors provide maximum daylight, convenient access and flexibility.  Tilt and turn windows accented with stainless steel handles provide modern flair to this rustic, off grid beauty.