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Mountain Escape of Gallatin Valley

A quiet mountain escape is set within the outskirts of an idyllic town of Three Forks, Montana.  The beautiful location between Bozeman and Butte is surrounded by large plains and mountain ranges. The wide-open terrain and big skies that Montana is so well known for are apparent at every inch of the home’s property.  Wildlife and grand landscape prove to be the perfect backdrop for the two-story 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bath family home.

The simplistic beauty of the home focuses on interior and exterior entertaining with covered porches, a large upper deck, and large interior communal spaces. Upon entering the home one is immediately met by the large family room and dining room with an oversized fireplace. Attention is focused outward with multiple full-height corner windows and French doors, emphasizing the surrounding landscape. The same appeal is replicated in the master bedroom and master bath, showcasing the home’s alluring location. The beauty continues upstairs in the recreation/sunroom with large corner windows and a set of large Lift & Slide Doors providing quick access to the outdoor views. The function of the floor plan is apparent as a family home with the strategic division between the master quarters and the secondary bedrooms located on the upper levels.

Glo’s A5 double-pane aluminum windows were chosen with concealed hinges for cost-effective efficiency. The windows are subtly adorned with powder-coated handles so emphasis may remain on the views rather than the design details. A7 double-pane aluminum doors were utilized for superior performance and air-seal against the harsh winters of Gallatin Valley. Furthermore, Lift and Slide Doors were selected for their ease of use, superior seal, and ability to open up a room with an impressive sized opening. The use of black windows and doors create a home with modern appeal and thermal comfort that serves as a mountain escape year-round.