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Montainer Home

This custom container home designed by Montainer is located in beautiful Big Sur, California. The rugged coastal town sandwiched between the Santa Lucia Mountains and the Pacific Ocean is known for its craggy seaside cliffs and mountain views. The area has long since been considered a national treasure that places an extraordinary emphasis on protection from development and over-population while preserving the natural environment by encouraging sustainable lifestyles among residents and visitors. The Montainer home inherently embraces the sustainable living mentality of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” by re-purposing a previously used shipping container, reducing on-site construction waste, and providing a durable home that will last for generations.

At just under 300 square feet of living space, this Montainer home promotes Tiny House living without sacrificing style and sophistication. The modern design combines two 20-foot shipping containers into a contemporary home that features large expanses of window to capture the stunning views. Two sliding doors, a French door, and a full-lite entry door all provide excellent daylight and exceptional connection to the exterior environment. A tilt and turn window combined with a fixed panel are oriented vertically create the illusion of additional height and added spaciousness to the small home. By utilizing a combination of white, gray, and olive powder-coating, the windows add to the unique custom feel of the Montainer home.

The Glo European Windows A5 Double Pane Series were selected for their crisp architectural lines, high performance values and cost effective durability. The aluminum double pane windows and doors deliver a stylish aesthetic and feature high performance spacers, low iron glass, multiple air seals, and continuous thermal breaks. The energy efficient windows and doors add an extra touch of refinement to the chic design and ensure a connection between the interior of the home and the incredible landscape surrounding it.