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Modern Seattle Renovations

This uniquely designed home in Seattle, Washington recently underwent a dramatic transformation that provides both a fresh new aesthetic and improved functionality. Renovations on this home went above and beyond the typical “face-lift” of the home remodel project and created a modern, one-of-a-kind space perfectly designed to accommodate the growing family of the homeowners. The unparalleled location on the West side of the city affords views across the bay towards Blake Island and the Olympic Mountains beyond.

Shielded on three sides by the thick foliage of massive evergreen trees and a carpet of ferns, the jungle-like feel of the landscape provides a sense of solitude and privacy that are hard to come by in the area. The unconventional angular shape of the building works well on the sloping site in which the perimeter comes to a sharp point and required a unique re-imagining of spaces. This distinctive shape is most clearly displayed in the renovations of the custom kitchen and expanded third-floor master suite, each uses the diagonal wall as a means of adding interest and direction in the space.

Along with creating a new aesthetic for the home, constructing a dwelling that was both energy efficient and ensured a high level of comfort were major goals of the project. To this end, the homeowners selected A5h Windows and Doors with triple-pane glazing which offers argon-filled, low-E coated glass and warm edge spacers within an all-aluminum frame. The hidden sash option was selected to provide a clean and modern aesthetic on the exterior facade. Concealed hinges allow for a continuous air seal, while premium stainless-steel handles offer a refined contemporary touch.

A custom D1 Entry Door flanked by substantial sidelights was designed in a bold rust color to highlight the entrance to the home and provide a sense of welcoming. The vibrant entrance sets a tone of excitement and vivacity that is carried throughout the home. A combination of cedar, concrete, and metal siding grounds the home in its environment, provides architectural interest, and enlists massing to double as an ornament. The overall effect is a design that remains understated among the diverse vegetation but also serves enough eye-catching design elements to delight the senses.