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Modern New York House

Located in New York City’s southernmost borough, this contemporary New York home pairs upscale modern living and a state-of-the-art aesthetic with a view of the ocean and a forested landscape. Multi-level balconies with wrap-around glass railings ensure an unhindered view of the ocean horizon in almost every living area. The home’s avant-garde design maximizes its connection to nature while simultaneously providing all the luxury and convenience one would expect in a contemporary New York home.

The interior and exterior of the home are both an expression of modernity that link together in an effortless cohesion. The large open floor plan in the living and kitchen area captures the flood of natural daylight thanks to large expanses of glass, including enormous corner windows and a massive lift and slide door. These high-performance glazing systems open up to a private exterior lounge area which faces the forest behind the home, where an infinity pool seems to melt into the surrounding environment. The design of this contemporary New York home is effortlessly stylish and unexpectedly energy efficient for its size.

Glo A7 high-performance windows and doors were selected to maximize views and comfort without forfeiting the rigorous PHIUS Standard. The A7 series features warm edge spacers, low iron glass, our largest continuous thermal breaks, multiple air seals, and triple-pane argon-filled glazing units. These windows and doors were specifically designed to reduce heat flow, which minimizes energy use by optimizing the homeowner’s heating and air-conditioning systems. These triple pane windows are a crucial part of ensuring the sustainable home design by exceeding the stringent PHIUS standards, ultimately creating a home that represents the pinnacle of home comfort.

Aesthetically, the A7 series windows and doors complement the striking design of the home. Straight, clean lines and simple massing are a perfect match for the modern, unembellished look of Glo windows. The expansive glazing systems transform the interior spaces into a bright, spacious retreat that feels simple and sophisticated. The high-performing components of the A7 series allow the design of the home to shine while delivering comfort, long-lasting durability, and impressive energy efficiency.