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Modern Brick Home in Salt Lake City

Tucked into a mature and desirable neighborhood in Salt Lake City, Utah, this modern brick home in a prime location has been reinvented into a modern paradise just a stone’s throw from the central hub of recreation and convenience of the big city. The proximity to downtown SLC, Botanical gardens, and mountain ranges provide optimal entertainment depending on one’s lifestyle or mood. Encircled by mountains and narrow canyons the home is always a comfortable distance from the nearest ski resort for high-energy fun. Whether on the slopes or in the city the beauty of the Twin Peaks towers over the home ushering the beauty of the outdoors into the otherwise suburban neighborhood.

The two-story modern brick home is strategically designed within the restraints of the existing property lines. The balance of privacy and architectural interest was creatively solved with an inner courtyard. Providing a visual connection to the outdoors as well as cross-views of the home inconspicuously expands the floor plan beyond the limits of the interior space. The outdoor living is further expanded by strategic placement of covered terraces, second-story decks, and brise soleils, which deflect sunlight into the home helping to preserve comfortable thermal stability. The contemporary lines of the home are balanced by the classic brick massing. Board-form concrete accents are used to compliment the iconic style of the brick. The familiar material used with a modernized approach further echoes the overall aesthetic of the home.

The A5 triple pane windows were utilized for their superior performance within a thin, modern frame. The black powder-coated finish offers long-term durability and neoteric appeal. The modern brick home boasts large expanses of glass supporting the spacious design. The large lift and slide door continues to blur the lines of interior and exterior transitions. The exceptional thermal performance is accomplished via the multiple air seals, Low-E coating, argon filled glazing, low-iron glass, and triple-pane protection producing year-long comfort.