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California Modern Beach Resort

Nestled among the Redwood trees and incredible mountains of the central California coastline, Ventana Big Sur is a luxury boutique hotel that has been voted one of the World’s Best Resorts. The upscale retreat perfectly captures the feeling of being at the edge of the continent, both in the seclusion of the site and the astonishing vistas of awe-inspiring cliffs that drop immediately to the ocean below. This is a place that has long brought together artistic visionaries, deep thinkers, and adventurous souls. Ventana Big Sur provides an experience for these forward-thinking patrons that is truly immersive by implementing a plethora of sustainable principals and systems that create a cohesive harmony between the built environment and the landscape.

Ventana Big Sur’s latest addition is the “Glass House Gallery”, which showcases works of art from renowned artists along the California Central Coast, including paintings, sculpture, jewelry, stonework, and more. The rusted metal exterior of the shipping container that accommodates the “Glass House Gallery” complements the resort’s refined-rustic design and vibe. Matte black window and door frames in our A5 Double Pane series provide an elegant, modern, and overall effortless style. With an attractive R-Value and completely customizable options, the A5 Series gives the clean architectural lines desired and unparalleled performance values compared to other aluminum double-pane window and door options. High performance spacers, low iron glass, and multiple air seals all contribute to a fenestration system that was designed to last, even in the high-moisture high-salt environment.

A butt-glazed exterior railing provides seamless views from the interior of the gallery to the iconic and unmatched landscape that surrounds Ventana Big Sur. Simple, understated interior finishes allows they eye to capture not only the artwork inside, but also the incredible beauty outside. The combination of natural, industrial, and rustic materials create cohesion between the unbelievable scenery, the “Glass House Gallery”, and the rest of the structures at the Ventana Big Sur Resort.