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Minimalist Mountain Residence

Built for recreation, this minimalist home is nestled in the outer banks of a resort town of the Rocky Mountains. A gateway to Glacier National Park, this home has backyard access to biking and skiing trails, lakeside beaches, and monumental mountains. This home is minutes away from the charming downtown, hosting boutique shops and eateries for locals and tourists year-round. Although its location is often thought of as a seasonal getaway, the homeowners are pleased to call the Whitefish region home.

Serenity and greenery are just a couple draws that brought the homeowners to their little piece of paradise. Surrounded by evergreen trees and a more-than-enough dirt road, the minimalist modern retreat was established. The shed roof and mixed material exterior keeps this contemporary home in step with its rustic surroundings. In order to take advantage of the lush surroundings, the main home is set on the second story, providing a bird’s eye perspective. The second-floor boasts an open floor plan of living, dining, and kitchen for a communal feel while hosting guests. The dining and living room allow the lines of indoor-outdoor living to come alive with two, 12’ sliding doors. The vast openings are met with a wrapping deck, positioning you amongst a sea of (ever)green. Strategic window sizing and placement either hints or boasts its surroundings with thin linear windows or high stretching transom windows.

Not to be overshadowed, the first floor has an impressive size workshop that will make any craftsman covet. The four-season entry provides ample storage for snow boots or muddy hiking shoes depending on the excursion. The entry sets you on either a pathway up to the main living or straight ahead to the easily accessible work space. The workshop is lit with a ban of windows providing ample natural light.

Glo’s A5 triple pane aluminum series was utilized in order to capitalize on their thermal performance which is most sought after during the chilly winter months. The year-round comfort is achieved by a larger thermal break, high-performance spacers, low iron glazing, and multiple air seals. The hidden window hinge was selected for increased air sealing and a nod to the clean minimalist design the home effortlessly achieves.