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Japanese Burned Wood Finish Dream Home

This mid-century inspired passive house blends a classic, understated look with modern functionality atop the rolling hills of Park City, Utah, where scenic views provide a stunning backdrop and a beckoning call to enjoy the surrounding landscape. With noteworthy ski slopes, a multitude of trails for hiking and mountain biking, the location is an environment worthy for any outdoor enthusiast. Simple massing provides a framework for clean lines that embrace the low and wide emphasis of form, creating a home that is harmonious with the natural surroundings as well as the mid-century era.

The exterior façade of the home is reminiscent of the 50’s with its mixed material aesthetic. The stacked stone veneer is complimented with the Shou Sugi Ban siding. The burned wood finish is an ancient Japanese technique that chars the wood, essentially wrapping it in carbon, adding protection and durability against mold, insects, and moisture related decay. This impressive burned wood finish is not only an indelible product but eye-catching as well. The horizontal and vertical orientation of the wood planks further emphasize the width and height of the structure. The subtle play of each material is simplistic and functional.

The three-story residence is tucked into the side of the slope, creating an unimposing and welcoming entry. The large expanses of glass on the front façade draw the eye into the home allowing for natural daylighting and sun soaked rooms throughout the day. The strategically placed horizontal windows add architectural interest, natural lighting, and privacy. Two separate third level balconies are situated toward the rugged skyline, creating a 360-degree vantage point of the surrounding terrain.

The home is able to achieve passive house standards and take full advantage of the views with the use of Glo’s A7 triple pane windows and doors. The PHIUS (Passive House Institute US) certified series boasts triple pane glazing, a larger thermal break, high-performance spacers, and multiple air-seals. The large picture windows frame the landscape while maintaining comfortable interior temperatures year-round. The strategically placed operable windows throughout the residence offer cross-ventilation and a visual connection to the sweeping views of Utah. The modern hardware and color selection of the windows are not only aesthetically exceptional, but remain true to the mid-century modern design.