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Industrial Modern Home Spokane

Situated amongt the rolling hills above Spokane Valley, Washington, this industrial modern home is perched above the bustle of the city and overlooks the valley and mountains beyond. Close to several conservation areas, the location is perfect for exploring the surrounding woodland and immersing in a true country lifestyle without sacrificing quick and easy access to city conveniences. The industrial modern home design is a nod to current architectural trends and lends a simultaneous feeling of privacy and openness.

The front façade of the home is modestly clad with windows of smaller stature for privacy and intentional light sourcing. However, adjacent to the entry, the home immediately opens up and greets its guest with an open floor plan flowing from one space to the other. The back façade of the great room beckons you with open landscape through the 12’ folding door system. The great room door-system butts up to a folding window in the kitchen, opening the combined living space to the exterior. The rear terrace serves as an extension of the home, interlacing indoor and outdoor living seamlessly. This is a theme of the home that is repeated into the master suite. The master suite’s 9’ door and window system leads to a private deck equipped with a hot tub for an ideal refuge.

The Glo A5f aluminum windows and doors were selected for this home to achieve a modern aesthetic and for their ease of installation with the first European integrated nail flange. The double pane aluminum profile has high-performance spacers, increased thermal breaks, multiple air seals, and low iron glass. The juxtaposition of privacy driven windows adjacent to full height windows and doors provide natural ventilation and a visual connection to the outdoors. The streamlined windows of the front façade mimic the vertical and horizontal siding elements. The A5f window series highlights the contemporary architecture and delivers noteworthy thermal performance, progressive hardware and cost effective durability.