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Home Design Amongst The Trees

Tucked in the beauty of Montana, this seemingly modest home design comes alive amongst the trees and wilderness of Whitefish. A hub for outdoor recreation and refuge, this region is most known for its proximity to the West Glacier National Park entrance. Drawing thousands from all over the world, Flathead County is no stranger to hosting those who appreciate the value of aqua blue lakes and rivers, towering evergreens, and winding trails. Enthralled by the beauty of the region, the homeowners selected a plot of land that truly showcased the area with a home design focusing on the wild views.

The home’s front exterior is unassuming yet modern. Horizontal narrow windows, seemingly single story with a modest shed roof. The exterior materials bring warmth to the clean angles with barn wood shiplap siding, each a different width for texture and depth. The standing seam roof anchors the home in a rich black metal, a nod to its contemporary aesthetic. The front portico is clad with rusted core ten metal bringing another dimension to the front. The rear of the home quickly unfolds, revealing it to be a two-story home, with a walk-out basement, furnished in glass from head to toe. A stark contrast to the understated front façade.

The interior of the home is immediately welcoming with the anterior of the home clad in full-height windows, beckoning you into the home with views and light. The open floor plan leads you into the family room, adjoined by the dining room and in-line kitchen. A balcony is immediately off the dining area, providing a quick escape to the outdoor refuge of Whitefish. Glo’s A5 double pane windows were used to create breathtaking views that are the crown jewels of the home’s design. Furthermore, the full height curtain wall windows and 12’ lift and slide doors provide views as well as thermal performance. The argon-filled glazing, multiple air seals, and larger thermal break make these aluminum windows durable and long-lasting.