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Helena Valley Patio Lift and Slide Door

A gorgeous Helena Valley patio complete with the Glo European Windows Aluminum A5 Double Pane Series lift and slide door. The homeowners wanted two things: unhindered views and protection from wind.

A contemporary residence situated in the valley of Helena, Montana.  Our client had specific requirements.  They wanted a sliding door to provide an expansive view from their enclosed patio between the garage and their home and provide protection from the abundance of wind that flows through their property.  They had looked at other sliding door options, however were unable  to find the right fit for their large rough opening.

The A5 Triple Pane Glo lift and slide door was chosen to accommodate a 14′ wide by 8′ high opening.  Our client wanted something that was easy to operate with maximum glass, so they could enjoy the mountainous view from their home.  Our client had looked at other options, but did not want a 4-panel door, they wanted minimal vertical frame to enjoy the views.  Airtight seals were required to keep the wind and noise outside during particularly gusty days.  Slim modern frames  were a must have for this application.

The crisp, white tone selected  matches the white trim accents on the exterior of the home and garage.

Our solution is this large 2-panel lift and slide door accented with modern stainless steel handles.  Now our client is able to enjoy the gorgeous views of Mount Helena while remaining comfortable and protected from gusty winds.  The patio of this home is currently finishing construction.  We are excited to provide photos of the fully finished home.