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Glass-Clad home of Payette Lake

A glass-clad home is tucked into the shoreline of Payette Lake, designed to fully embrace the iconic beauty of McCall, Idaho. At 5,000ft elevation, the glacier water and clean crisp air are felt and seen at every new bend. The Ponderosa State Park makes up most of the area with over 1000 acres of natural wilderness, hiking trails, and campsites. Idaho outdoors hosts entertaining social experiences like boating, water skiing, and fishing. The idyllic location is fraught with adventure and allure.

The three-story 4 bed/6 bath home unfolds onto the landscape as you move toward the rear of the home that lines the Payette shoreline. The open floor plan of the kitchen, dining, and living room is grand with a two-story living room. The dining room is lined with large lift and slide doors, allowing for immediate outdoor access, embracing outdoor living. The exterior of the home consists mainly of wood siding to blend its contemporary form into its natural surroundings. The combination of stucco, wood, and a modern glass guardrail toes the line in merging an angular home with the rustic Idaho landscape. A winding rock path leads to the private dock, making this home a true gem in all respects.

Glo A5 double-pane windows and doors were used throughout the home for cost-effective appeal and efficiency. Many of the windows of the home are large scale Multiple Lift and Slide doors are used on large scale for optimal views and quick access to the beauty beyond. Glo Curtain Wall windows are used for the 3-story façade, spanning the heights from the basement to the two-story living room. The glass-clad home fully embraces Idaho’s beauty through the strategic home layout and window and door usage.

The effects natural light can have on a space and human is immeasurable.