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Elk Ridge Passive House

The Elk Ridge Passive House is situated in the mountains near the Rattlesnake Wilderness area, an environment known for its scenic lakes, stunning mountain peaks, and abundant wildlife. The home creates a balance between modern architectural design and the incredible scenery surrounding it by preserving much of the natural landscape and taking advantage of natural sunlight and air flow. The Elk Ridge Passive House is synchronized with the environment in an elegant and striking manner and has been designed to celebrate the natural world around it.

Heavy emphasis was placed on component selection for this project during the preplanning stage.  Products and components were evaluated and selected for their performance and long term durability. Plans were drawn using passive house principles – showing a continuous insulation layer with appropriate thicknesses for the Montana climate around the entire conditioned space to minimize heat loss during winters and heat gain during summers.  Overhangs and other shading devices allow the low winter sun into the building and keep the high summer sun out.

Glo European Windows A7 series was carefully selected for the Elk Ridge Passive House because of their High Solar Heat Gain Coefficient which allows the home to absorb free solar heat, and a low U-value to retain this heat once the sun sets.  The A7 windows were an excellent choice for durability and the ability to remain resilient in the harsh winter climate.  Glo’s European hardware ensures smooth operation for fresh air and ventilation. The A7 windows from Glo were an easy choice for the Elk Ridge Passive House project.  At this stage continued site development and construction planning is underway.