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Coeur D’Alene Country Club Home

This country club home sits amongst green trees, a manicured golf course, and the lush landscape of Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. The pristine neighborhood perfectly interweaves the natural foliage with deliberate terrain creating a truly tailored suburb. The quaint town is minutes away from the home allowing the conveniences of modern life with optimal proximity to lakeside recreation. The strategic location of the home offers views of the lake, serving two purposes, year-round fun and aesthetic pleasure.

The traditional gable rooflines and craftsmen details of the home make it approachable yet grand with its two-story façade. The mixture of stucco, stone, and wood siding allows this country club home to seamlessly integrate into its verdant surroundings. The multiple decks and stacked front porch maximize the appeal of outdoor living. The wide eaves and exposed beams and rafters create a rustic aesthetic ripe with decorative details. The numerous black windows with gridded panes lend the home to a conventional yet modern feel.

The grandeur of the exterior is continued within through floor to ceiling windows. The A5 Series windows provide thermal comfort despite their proportions. The double pane thermally broken aluminum windows boast u-values as low as U-0.2. The notable energy efficiency is achieved with low iron glass, multiple air seals, performance spacers, and argon filled glazing. The country club home takes full advantage of the gained thermal efficiency making the fenestration elements some of the most prominent architectural features of the space.