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North Dakota Contemporary House Design

This newly constructed home is situated in a modest town on 10 acres in the plains of North Dakota, a stone’s throw away to Montana’s border. The flowing Yellowstone river and undeveloped surroundings make this location a haven for those seeking solitude and ample land to explore. North Dakota, known for its abundance of wild life refuges, you can actually see, “where the buffalo roam and the deer, and the antelope play.” With wide open spaces in every direction, this Fairview residence is a true sanctuary.

The North Dakota house design has an eclectic contemporary feel that encompasses a variety of finishes, and textures with a diverse color palette. The varied rooflines and round windows add to the playful interest on the home’s exterior. A two-story glass entry welcomes you with an eye catching 8′ round window above. The expansive floor plan is encompassed by ample light on every story in order to take full advantage of the sweeping views of the plains. The clerestory windows line the hallway into the kitchen, dining and living room, ensuring natural daylighting throughout the year. The second floor recreation rooms are lined with full-height windows and anchored by a round window 6’ in diameter. The eccentric round windows and trapezoid windows create a home truly enthralling in both design and in its ability to draw the exterior landscapes into the home.

The Glo A5f double pane series was utilized for ease of installation with the first European aluminum window flange (f). The thermally broken aluminum is price conscious while still providing significant energy efficient thermal values to the home. A continuous thermal break, multiple air-seals, low iron glass and high performance spacers deliver long-term durability and sophisticated design. The narrow window frames allow the attention to remain on house design and the far-reaching views.