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Contemporary Cube Shaped House

A contemporary cube-shaped home in the heart of Utah, near Salt Lake City. The home is a brief 30-minute drive from the bustling city in an outdoor retreat encircled by mountain ranges. The proximity to the metro area and mountain ranges makes for a special location. Lakes, ski ranges, trailheads, multiple golf clubs, and spas create a recreational playground.

The cube-shaped home is a tri-level home splitting the master, main bedrooms, and guest room to each level. The well-planned open floor plan is met with large-scale windows to further enlarge the space and promote the beauty of the landscape beyond. The exterior of the home is wrapped with cedar lath, providing sun coverage and design aesthetic for the home, balcony, and corridors. The wood softens the square modern shape of the home, echoing the natural elements of the countryside. The grade of the land allows for a walk-out basement, keeping the views and access to the outdoors a priority.

Glo A5 aluminum windows with triple-pane glazing and concealed hinges were utilized throughout the home. The air-tight seal and multiple layers of glazing provide superior performance for year-round comfort. Aluminum triple-pane entry doors are used throughout for an impermeable seal eliminating cold winter drifts seeping into the home. The large windows of the home reach size up to 11’x9’ windows, capturing the surrounding views and the perennial beauty of the home’s location. The coupling of large picture windows and tilt-only lower windows provides cross-ventilation and unobstructed views.