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California Street Modern Duplex


The California Street Modern Duplex has a striking façade that juxtaposes large windows against organic and industrial materials. The multistory duplex built by Mast & Co features distinguished asymmetrical architectural forms which accentuate the contemporary design that flows seamlessly from the exterior to the interior.

The Glo A5 series was selected for the modern duplex because of the window’s clean profile and high performance values. With triple pane glass, a larger continuous thermal break, high performance spacers and multiple air seals, the A5 series leaves traditional aluminum windows in the dust. Energy efficiency was a deciding factor in window selection for the modern duplex design and the A5 series delivers. These windows are eye-catching, sophisticated, and by utilizing a combination of black and red powder-coated aluminum the windows create distinct focal points and provide unexpected excitement in the composition.

The large open living areas on the second floor are flooded with light from generously sized fixed and operable windows. The use of tilt and turn windows in the kitchen and living rooms provides the option of allowing natural air flow through the space while maintaining the modern aesthetic expressed throughout the modern duplex. French doors open onto a second floor patio providing access to the outdoors and a stunning view from the living room. These French doors add a touch of classic elegance to complement and amplify the contemporary appeal of the building.  Both apartments showcase a full lite entry door at the ground floor level that set the tone of the design and provide an impressive entrance to either side of the modern duplex.