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Boise Passive Office Building

The Boise Passive Office Building design demanded exceptional performance and clean modern lines. Located in Boise, ID, EnergySeal’s new office reflects their belief in the importance of high performance and environmentally friendly construction by meeting the rigorous passive house building standards. Intelligently planned site orientation, increased air tightness, and superior insulation and ventilation systems have resulted in an extremely energy efficient building envelope.

Two decades of experience in solving extreme climate design challenges and indoor air quality issues specific to the Northwest and Rocky Mountains allowed EnergySeal the knowledge required to build the certified passive house office building. A wood rainscreen system paired with corrugated metal siding create a functional envelope with a modern industrial aesthetic that is accentuated by large windows full lite doors. Motorized exterior shades help keep the interior space at a comfortable temperature. The Glo European Windows A7 Series were selected for their superior performance values and cost effective durability.

The A7 Series achieves u-values as low as .15 through triple pane glass, a larger continuous thermal break, multiple air seals, low iron glass, and high solar heat gain coefficient all in a slim, modern frame profile. The clean form is beautiful and highly functional, reducing condensation and heat convection while providing superior comfort throughout the space and achieving the high performance goals of the passive office building project.