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Boise Passive Office Building Headquarters

The new headquarters of Energy Seals’ Passive Office building is located in Boise, Idaho. This is the second building of its kind for the company. Energy Seal provides consultation services to their clients, producing high-performance buildings through their knowledge of advanced building physics. Their ethos is not only a theory but lived with intention. So, it was no surprise that their office headquarters would also boast the rigorously achieved label of “Passive House.”

While planning the Boise Passive office building, a high value was placed on an intelligently planned site orientation, increased air tightness, superior insulation, ventilation systems, and energy-efficient windows and doors. To help further insulate the building from the harsh sun, strategic window placement and external shades were utilized. The use of mixed materials adds design interest while also facilitating design centric overhangs for the entrance which is mirrored in the window coves. The Boise Passive office building is a great example of good design both performance wise and aesthetically.

The A7 Series was used for their low u-values of U-0.15, achieved through triple pane glazing and thermally broken aluminum frames. The thin window and door frames accent the design of the minimal aesthetic. The clean form is beautiful and highly functional, reducing condensation and heat convection while providing superior comfort throughout the space and achieving the high-performance goals of the passive house office building project.