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Bitterroot River Residence

Built by Lentz Construction – A beautiful home on the Bitterroot River, clean modern lines, combined with a rustic feel. The aluminum store front windows provides  natural daylight and amazing views of the Missoula Valley Bitterroot River.  This home contains super insulation and modern aluminum windows and doors to maintain comfortable interior temperatures.

The Glo modern aluminum windows and lift and slide doors were chosen with specific goals in mind.  High performance values and airtight seals were required to keep the house comfortable throughout the changing seasons. Sleek modern frames and stainless steel handles add subtle flare to the contemporary design.   Large aluminum curtain wall glass was used to provide panoramic views while keeping the home at ideal temperatures.  Full Light doors with transoms and lift and slide doors with transoms provide lots of daylight and multiple entry points throughout the home.

A modern black tone was selected to match the dark hardware accents throughout the exterior facade.  Creative use of transom lights provide continuous horizontal lines that match the slim frames of the aluminum store front system.  Concealed sashes were used on the tilt and turn windows in this home to maintain the clean modern lines from both the interior and exterior views.  The end result is a beautiful home, with clean exterior lines and a beautiful curtain wall.