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Adventure Cyclists’ Off Grid Residence

This off grid home has been designed and built by a family of five near scenic Livingston, Montana.  Living in a wall tent with three young children, the parents of this adventurous household have taken on the bulk of the construction themselves.  Energy efficiency was a key goal for the off grid project, as was creating a home that is conducive to continuing their family-centered outdoor lifestyle.  After taking a 2000+ mile cycling tour across three Rocky Mountain states, this off grid residence will serve as an ideal resting spot as the family continues to grow and expand their adventures throughout the West.

Exploration through travel is highly important for the young family.  By keeping the home minimal in both size and design, as well as incorporating progressive construction techniques and technologies the home is able to remain cost-effective and energy efficient even during months of continuous touring.  The simple home features a footprint of less than 800 square feet while a large wrap around deck adds an additional outdoor living space.  A simple gable roofline with dormer windows paired with the clean lines of horizontal wood siding and vertical metal accents create a simple and modern aesthetic.  The Glo European Windows A5 Series accentuate the design with a sleek frame profile and exceptional performance values.

The A5 Series maintains the performance goals of the off grid residence through high performance spacers, low iron glass, larger continuous thermal breaks, and multiple air seals contribute to a better performing double pane window in a minimal frame.  Strategically placed tilt and turn windows provide natural ventilation and a visual connection to the outdoors.  Of the two full-light entry doors into the home, the deep red front door adds unexpected excitement through color, while the secondary entrance is flanked in both directions with full-height sidelights providing an uninterrupted connection to the outdoor environment.

The home and Glo European Windows will be featured on HGTV as part of an off grid home television series. The home is currently under construction and we are excited to share photos of the project as it progresses.