Wood Aluminum Double Pane




Double Pane European Wood Aluminum Windows – W5 Series

Defining the balance of durability, value, and energy performance.  Double pane glass surrounded by warm wood, protected with aluminum cladding. Our W5 delivers energy savings, durability, and value.

Pre-finished wood frames add warmth as well as structural strength. Aluminum cladding sheds weather and creates stunning exterior lines. German hardware ensures smooth operation and style. The W5 defines style in windows.

Glo Wood Aluminum Windows offer a classic European style with modern performance. The double pane glazing unit contains high performance spacers and Argon gas.  The wood aluminum clad frame contains triple air seals.  The combination of these feature ensure high performance for the occupants.

Wood Aluminum Windows Series -W5 provides high quality European tilt turn hardware and operation, with an appealing price point. The series includes; W5 double pane, W7 (R-value 7) triple pane, and the PW (R-value 8) Passive House triple pane with insulated frame. Windows in Europe have been constructed similarly to the W5 for over 100 years and many of their buildings still possess the original tilt and turn wood windows. This rich history creates a foundation of longevity for the W5 that we are proud to offer.

**Aluminum cladding styles (photo above) also available for W7



Windows: Fixed Windows, Tilt-turn windows (N. American Casement window comparable), Sliding windows, European awning windows (hopper/Tilt-In Only)

Operable window sizes up to 25 s.f. and fixed windows up to 80 s.f.

Doors: Entry doors, French doors, Folding doors, Lift & slide doors, Sliding doors, Postless Corner door

Swing door sizes up to 4’x9′-10″  /  Folding and Lift & slide door sizes up to 40′


Detail Sets:

W5 Wall Install Detail

  • Thermal performance R-5 hr-ft2-F/BTU
  • Uw-0.20, Uf- 0.20, Ug-0.18, BTU/hr.-ft2.-F
  • Psi-Spacer- 0.026 BTU/hr.-ft.-F
  • Solar heat gain coefficient between 0.28-.60
  • Available as fixed windows, tilt-turn windows, swing doors and lift & slide doors with operable window sizes up to 25 s.f. and fixed windows up to 80 s.f. Aluminum cladding is available in 4 different profiles.