Passive House




Triple Pane Passive House Windows and Doors – PW Series

Our passive house windows deliver performance for exceptional projects. Triple pane glass encompassed in a thermally broken wood frame, protected with aluminum cladding. The PW is designed to meet the most stringent performance requirement in the world – Passive House.

Modern high performance and style that stands the test of time.  The PW defines elegance and high performance in windows.  The triple pane glazing not only provides higher performance it provides a he higher level of comfort.  High Quality European hardware and operation makes this window an attractive option for your passive house project.

The PW Series passive house windows have a prefinished wood frame, combined with a continuous layer of foam insulation. Wrapped in seamless aluminum cladding for exceptional performance and durability. European hardware ensures smooth operation and impeccable style. Our passive house windows deliver uncompromising performance for the most demanding projects.  These passive house windows are Elegant, Efficient and Durable.

Our passion to produce stunning windows that perform and last and demonstrated in our PW Series. Our PW Series is one of our top performing windows.  They are an exceptional option for Passive House Construction projects.


Windows: Fixed Windows, Tilt-turn windows (N. American Casement window comparable), European awning windows (hopper/Tilt-In Only)

Operable window sizes up to 25 s.f. and fixed windows up to 80 s.f.

Doors: Entry doors, French doors

Swing door sizes up to 4’x9′-10″


Detail Sets:

PW Jamb, Head & Sill Details

PW Wall Install Detail

  • Thermal performance R-8 hr-ft2-F/BTU
  • Uw-0.125, Uf- 0.137, Ug-0.09, BTU/hr.-ft2.-F
  • Psi-Spacer- 0.026 BTU/hr.-ft.-F
  • Solar heat gain coefficient between 0.28-.60
  • Available as fixed windows, tilt-turn windows, swing doors and lift & slide doors with operable window sizes up to 25 s.f. and fixed windows up to 80 s.f.