Curtain Wall Double + Triple Pane Aluminum

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Key Features

  • Available in Double and Triple Pane Glass
  • Designed to perform with multiple air seals
  • Large expanses of glass with minimal frame
  • Over 300 powder-coated colors available
  • NFRC Certified Curtain Wall System


R3 - R6.7

Real installs. Real results.

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Achieve eye-catching designs through innovative custom solutions with our Curtain Wall systems; available in both double and triple pane thermally-broken aluminum. The NFRC Certified Curtain Wall Series provides an unprecedented sense of connection between interior spaces and the landscape beyond. The ingenuity of incorporating Curtain Wall systems with 2+ stories of glass creates awe-inspiring interior views and exterior facades alike. The ability to incorporate doors and operable windows create opportunity for highly functional fenestration design. Produced with precision to meet the specifications and design requirements of any architectural project, the Curtain Wall CW Series delivers quality, durability and artistry within a refined modern profile.

Featuring the consistent high-performance values that can be expected from any Glo product, our Curtain Wall systems range in R-values from R-3 to R-6.7. Large expanses of glass coupled with an advanced profile design renders an all-season window with lasting satisfaction.

The thermally-broken aluminum framing members are available in over 300 standard powder-coated color choices, delivering nearly limitless options to reimagine your home or commercial building.

  • Thermal performance R-3 to R-5 hr-ft2-F/BTU
  • Performance specification data available and formatted for PHPP Software

IMPORTANT NOTE: Glo European Windows utilizes the ISO standard for hinge indicators in our drawings. Note that this differs from the ANSI standard typically used in American construction documents. This means our drawings will show the hinge indicator pointing away from the hinge as opposed to the ANSI standard of pointing towards the hinge.


CW Double Pane Curtain Wall:

Curtain Wall Double Pane Aluminum Detail Set


CW Triple Pane Curtain Wall:

Curtain Wall Triple Pane Aluminum Detail Set


Available Operating Styles

Available Options


  • RAL 9004 | Signal Black
  • RAL 9005 | Jet Black
  • RAL 9016 | Traffic White
  • RAL 8019 | Gray Brown
  • RAL 7021 | Black Gray
  • RAL 7016 | Anthracite Gray


  • Black Anodize
  • Clear Anodize