Aluminum Triple Pane




Triple Pane European Aluminum Windows – A7 Series

Redefining the aluminum window experience.  Triple pane glass in a thermally broken, fully insulated aluminum frame. The A7, Aluminum Windows with triple pane glass deliver exceptional comfort and quality across an array of styles and sizes.

An all aluminum frame with continuous insulation provides excellent durability and quality. Our hardware ensures smooth operation and impeccable style. The A7 delivers exceptional performance with one of the sleekest profiles available.

The newly designed aluminum frames have changed our thoughts about aluminum windows. Historically, the cold aluminum frames created increased risk of condensation as well as decreased levels of comfort for the occupants. We are pleased those are problems of the past with the Glo Aluminum Windows Series. The larger thermal break, triple glazing and durable framing of the A7 achieve a greater level of energy performance and aesthetically clean aluminum frames.

Constructing buildings that last, is a passion we are proud to pursue. The A4 (R-value 3.4 to R-vaue 4) of the Aluminum Window Series is a great starting point of comfort. The A5 (R-value 5) is constructed in a similar way to the A4, with the addition of a thicker insulation layer between the interior and exterior aluminum, providing greater performance value.


Windows: Fixed windows, Tilt-turn windows (N. American Casement window comparable), European awning windows (hopper/Tilt-In Only), Storefront, Curtain wall

Operable window sizes up to 25 s.f. and fixed windows up to 80 s.f.

Doors: Entry doors, French doors

Swing door sizes up to 4’x9′-10″


Details Sets:

A7 Jamb, Head & Sill Details

  • Thermal performance R-7 hr-ft2-F/BTU
  • Uw-0.14, Uf- 0.20, Ug-0.10, BTU/hr.-ft2.-F
  • Psi-Spacer- 0.016 BTU/hr.-ft.-F
  • Solar heat gain coefficient between 0.28 -.60
  • Available as fixed windows, tilt-turn windows, swing doors and lift & slide doors with operable window sizes up to 25 s.f. and fixed windows up to 80 s.f. Frames available in a variety of powder-coated finishes.