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Passive House As A Standard And A Way Of Life

We are passionate about energy efficiency and Passive House standards. Our core values as a company is to live what we believe, which takes on many forms for us as a company. An obvious one is providing high-performance windows and doors that meet and exceed Passive House (PH) standards. You can check out our PH Aluminum Series options here and here and our Wood-Aluminum options here and here. We believe in leading the industry by living and manufacturing modern energy-efficient windows that last for decades, are beautiful and protect the environment. This belief runs so deep for us as a company that our President has begun the process of building his own Passive Home.

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Elk Ridge Passive House with Aluminum Series A7 Windows, designed by renowned Architect Eddie Jones.

It’s clear that the Elk Ridge Passive Home design bucks the norm of few windows typically seen in Passive House homes. The A7 Aluminum Window Series makes this design possible with R-value 7 (U-value 0.14), along with strategic building orientation and overhangs.

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Glo European Windows passion for energy efficiency contributes to our culture, and we cherish the way our passion brings value to our clients. We share common passions for quality, and for creating a more sustainably built environment. We currently have multiple residential and commercial projects underway that will soon boast the coveted Passive House Standard. We are proud that our clients feel a sense of trust and ease because they know how deeply we care about their building and their experience.

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Passive House under construction on Lake Fernan with Wood-Aluminum Series PW.

We are proud to share high-performance values with our clients. We look forward to being a further resource for Passive House windows and doors for all residential and commercial projects. If you are planning a home with energy efficiency or Passive House standards in mind, contact one of our Project Managers today at [email protected] or call 406-721-2741.