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Is a Black Window Timeless?

black window, contemporary home, portland contemporary home, portland modern home, tilt turn windows, aluminum windows, glo european windows, european windows, glo windows,Black windows and doors create a beautiful statement for a home. Recently, Glo has seen a rapid increase in new home projects that specify fenestration products in black or dark-gray tones. It’s no wonder that their sudden mass popularity is feared to be a trend. Because, after all, trends are fleeting: here today, gone tomorrow. When it comes to purchasing windows and doors, the last thing we want is a window style that won’t last the lifespan of the window. The goal of good design is to select colors and finishes that not only reflect your style but also elevate a space or exterior to the best a home can be for the lifetime of the home. Longevity is an important part of the design objective.

black window, muntin, window muntin, window grids, grid, grille, window grille, european windows, glo widnows, simulated divided lites, sdl, window divided liteAlthough many newly built projects are now equipped with black windows, the usage and love for the black window or door have been around for longer than many may realize. The history of the black window dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries, seen in homes, warehouses, greenhouses, and hospitality design. So, perhaps “resurgence” is a better term to use when discussing the viability of the black window.

The resurgence of the black window and door is a great style to grab hold of to add timeless appeal to any home. The dark window frames can help to enlarge the appearance of the glazing openings. They can add a touch of contrast to a façade dominated by light colors or nearly disappear against similar tones and textures. The thin black frames feel effortless and striking, bringing interest to any exterior or interior setting. Modern homes have really gravitated towards this style, allowing the dark lines of a window or door to further highlight the architectural form. So, whether a classic home or modern home, new-build or renovation, don’t be afraid to embrace the historical beauty of the black window or door. Black windows and doors are timeless.

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